SSL Certificates


HTTPS – SSL Certificates

Most of the websites we visit daily (Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Chae, etc.) are protected by SSL Certificates. Google wants increased website security. When evaluating a site’s position in Google search results, they take into account whether it has an SSL certificate, and they go out of their way to alert site users when a site is not considered safe (doesn’t have an SSL Certificate).

What exactly is an SSL Certificate? HTTP is an insecure connection while HTTPS is secure (encrypted). Unauthorized parties may be able to listen in on the dialogue between your device and the website when using a regular HTTP connection.


In Chrome, sites with SSL Certificates (https) appear like this:

In Chrome, sites without SSL Certificates (non-https) appear like this:

An SSL Certificate increases the trustworthiness of your website and also increases your visibility in Google search results.

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